Here at Top Barn we are able to offer your four legged friend the chance to come to us for a weight loss stay. We understand that changing your horses routine to suite their dietary requirements is not always possible for a number of reasons, meaning that whilst you are doing the best you can the pounds just aren’t dropping.


As we all know a horse that is over weight is potentially facing  serious health problems that can not only be life changing but also very costly.


Our Weight loss livery package is an intervention intended on providing the most effective way for your horse to safely loose weight. What we offer …


Full Care including:


  • Stable and turnout in a woodchip pen (no grass )
  • Daily in hand exercising (Exercise planned on individual basis)
  • Good soaked hay offered little and often
  • A nutritionist analysis
  • Fantastic hacking if you wish to ride your horse whilst they are here


Our weight loss livery packages start at a minimum of 8 week stay to ensure we are able to make a real difference to your horses health.


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