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Having joined our fb group, decide and state which challenge you are going to do. Premium membership can be purchased here for £15.00.



Terms and Conditions of joining the 12 Week Challenge and purchasing 12 Week Challenge Premium membership;

  • Once the challenge has begun on January 3rd 2022 no refunds for premium membership shall be given, for any reason.
  • Any prizes or rosettes won will not be posted outside of the UK and Ireland unless prior arrangements with us are made.
  • Rosettes awarded at the end of the challenge are NOT included in the premium membership price. These rosettes are purchasable at an extra cost to you at the end of the 12 weeks.
  • In order to join the 12 Week challenge you must have a Facebook account you can use to access the group – It is on the group that we ask you to record your hours, this is also where you will find your member benefits.
  • We accept no liability for any injury or damages caused by joining the 12 week challenge with your horse and that you join at your own risk.
  • Your purchase is your agreement to the above Terms  & Conditions.

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The Top Barn 12 week challenge is our social media motivational support group running from the 1st Monday in Jan, through to the end of March.
The challenge has ran for the last 2 years and always find it to be hugely supportive and a tonne of fun, whilst also giving people the motivational boost needed to get through Winter.
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