The Top Barn 12 Week Challenge is for all horse owners around the world, of any age, any tack, any discipline or any method of training. Whether you ride, or prefer ground work, the challenge is for everyone.

This year’s start date is Monday 3rd January 2022.

Once the challenge starts, the gates close and the group will become hidden from public view to ensure everyone starts at the same time.

The challenge was first launched in 2016 and has proven to be hugely supportive and a lot of fun. We find that the challenge gives people the motivational boost they need to get through winter. All you will need to join in with us is a Facebook account and a horse, it’s that simple!

How The Challenge Works?

1) Choose your challenge horse (you can enter multiple horses in different challenges).


2) Decide your challenge level – The levels are all based on the hours per week that you can pledge to spend with your horse. Each challenge level comes with a requirement to complete a number of mini challenges (except bronze). Your hours can be made up with ground work and/or ridden activities, and your pony pamper time. Pony pamper time is the time allowed for grooming, body work etc. Once you have decided your challenge level, this cannot be changed.


The mini challenges are in 3 categories; basic, medium and advanced and each will cover a range of different disciplines for you to try. Pick the one challenge  category that is relevant to the level you are currently working at.

Can include up to 30 mins
pony pamper time


Can include up to 1 hour
pony pamper time


Can include up to 1 hour
pony pamper time


Can include up to 1 hour
pony pamper time



3) Choose if you would like to become a premium member. Premium membership must be purchased before the start of the challenge.


4) To enter the challenge you must then join the Facebook group:
The Top Barn 12 week challenge Facebook group is where you record your activity and can receive support and meet other fellow challengers. Once you have joined, please introduce yourselves and your horse to us and pledge what challenge you have chosen.


5) Start clocking your hours from January 3rd – The challenge has started!

Holiday / Illness

During the 12 week challenge we understand that you may have holidays booked or become ill. To make this fair we have allowed challengers to take 1 week off as a holiday (you are not required to do anything on this week), and 1 other week off as a rollover week, if you need it. Rollover weeks are where the hours missed are then made up over the duration of the challenge. You are allowed to bank extra hours in preparation for your roll over week.

Important Info


This challenge works on an honesty policy, although, we do ask that you update the Facebook group with your progress as regularly as possible for us to check.