Top Barn Training 

Need help with your horse ?

Groundwork , Loading , Feet handling, Lungingetc ?

Let us use our experience and knowledge in helping both you and your horse to overcome issues and gain confidence.

We are available to teach lessons on a private basis or alternatively send your horse to us onour Training livery package  .

Training Livery

We specialise in groundwork training and can take horses for a minimum of two weeks.

Your horse will be treated as one of our own whilst they are here and will live on the same routine as the yard . 

In summer our horses live out from midday to the next morning before spending a few hours in and in winter they will be out in the day and stabled at night.

Our Package includes ;

-Full Livery for your horse including bedding and Hay ( Haylage extra)

-At least six training sessions per week depending on the training plan

-Two handover sessions during the final week

- A training report from us 

Each package is tailor made for your horse and its requirements . Hard feed must  be provided by yourself .


​Lessons are available from Rhian our Yard manager . 

She is available to help you with problems from mounting issues to groundwork problems and much more !She is only available at Top barn for lessons and does not travel.