​​​​​​​Brand new for 2019 are our Total confidence courses !

A lack of confidence is a lack of practical and emotional tools in your “ kit bag “ and not knowing what to do in different moments or scenarios for if you feel “ stuck “ or “ unsafe “.

Our Total confidence course is a 3 day progressional intervention spread out over a period of time that will allow you to move forward in your equestrian journey, to where you can actually enjoy horse ownership again .
Each time you visit you will be given help , guidance, support, knowledge and coaching , along with homework to work on until your next visit back to us . The course is an individual course and will ultimately be tailored to help you.

Schedule for your Days with us;

Morning -These sessions will be spent working on practical horsemanship with Rhian, assisting you in helping your horse think through tasks in a calm and relaxed manner , giving you a whole host of new tools and new ways of thinking whether you are on the ground or under saddle .
These sessions will also give you an insight into equine behaviour and reading horses body language .

Afternoons -Sessions with Zoe will involve working on goal setting and planning , understanding and developing a forward thinking mindset , the importance of limiting negative self talk , how posture and tension effects your horse , gaining knowledge on working on the parameters of your comfort zone in a safe and progressive manor all culminating with a view to go out on a small hacks. 

The Confidence course also includes-

-Access to both Rhian and Zoe via phone or messenger , giving you peace of mind and external guidance and support if you need it. 

What do I need to bring ?

-Your horses passport , this must be presented to us before you unload 

- £20 in an envelope for your stable deposit , this will be returned to you once your stable has been cleaned upon your departure.

- Hay and any feed for your horse .

-Packed lunch for yourself. 

-Even though you may not ride at the very start of your course please still bring your horses tack  . An up-to-date riding hat is required also.

The price for the three day course is £210

Full payment required upon booking.

​Email zoe@topbarnhorsemanhip.co.uk to book your place.

​​Top Barn Total Confidence Course