Brand new for 2019 are our Tournament days!

Bring your horse to Top Barn for the day and help them gain exposure, confidence and have fun with all different obstacles and tasks .
Help them go over, under and through a set of challenges ranging from " easy peasy " to " a bit tricky " in our custom built play park .

Schedule for the day
This session will be spent on the ground introducing your horse to the different tasks and obstacles, road signs, flappy things, bridges, ditches etc before we break for an hours lunch.

1pm-2.30pm approx
This session will be spent ridden where you can practice guiding and supporting your horse from the saddle over and through the various obstacles.

Put your day of learning to a purpose by completing our course on your own .This can be done on the ground or under saddle .


We will finish the day with a hot drink in our coffee room whilst we announce the days winner and discuss how the day went .

All competitors will have their name and score up on our leader board, just like Top Gear !
The winner of the day will get a rosette and a £20 Top Barn gift voucher.
There will also be a " Special Bond " rosette given out to the person who we believe has a great bond with their horse and who has really looked after their partnership on the day.

The cost is £70 for the day

This includes a pen for your horse for the day and use of our Tea and coffee room.
Maximum of 8 people per day.

Email to book your place

How do we judge our Tournament?

Style - How easy do you make the obstacles look?. Bear in mind that we have watched your progression throughout the day and so we can see how much you have improved .

Partnership - Are you and your horse in harmony ?. We love to see horses and their humans gain an even better relationship during the tournament days and so we will score you on how connected you are to one another during the round.

Rhythm - Rhythm is a good indication of how well a horse is coping in a situation . If you can remain rhythmical with your horse on the course we can see that you are both confident and capable of each obstacle .

We also give bonus points too! 

Bonus points are usually given for extra effort if quite often you have struggled with something particularly earlier but manage to accomplish it by the end of the day .

Ofcourse we also give points out for the WOW factor too!

Top Barn Tournament